November 6, 2017

Vancouver-Langara at Convention 2017!

Our YND delegate to Convention: Betty Bi

The BC NDP Convention was held this past weekend in Victoria, and your constituency association was there!

Betty Bi was our delegate to the Young New Democrats Convention that was held during the weekend. Ellen Ramsay was our delegate to the party's Women's Rights Committee. Our Secretary, Janet Andrews, was a delegate to Convention through her union affiliation.

Gudrun Langolf and Ryan Meech in a  quiet moment

Other delegates from Vancouver-Langara were our new President, Stefan Nielsen,  new Vice-President, Ryan Meech, Treasurer, Anita Romaniuk, and Gudrun Langolf and Jim Murray.

Stefan Nielsen and Anita Romaniuk

Long days. Hard work. And much celebration at the fact that sixteen years of darkness has finally lifted.

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Quiz? Is there a quiz at the end?

Photos by Jeem. Text by Jim Murray.
Copyright 2017 by V-L BC NDP.

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