June 8, 2017

James Wang Nomination Meeting ~ March 15

It was a special day for our constituency association: the nomination meeting for James Wang.

The event was held at the Scottish Cultural Centre in downtown Marpole. The centre is an excellent facility and members were impressed by the amenities and the friendly service we experienced.

Members of the Executive arrived early to prepare the coffee and treats, and to set the stage with the traditional orange balloons. Everyone got into the act of blowing up balloons.

David Eby shows James his technique

Signing in

All members of our riding were invited by mail and again by phone to attend. Announcements were also posted on various social media sites. Over 150 people attended, including a large number of friends and colleagues of the candidate from throughout the region.

Media were present, along with a number of Metro Vancouver candidates.

David Eby, James, his mother and his partner Wendy

Stefan Nielsen

Our Vice-President, Stefan Nielsen, made the nomination official. Other speakers included candidates: David Eby, Chak Au, Anne Kang and George Chow.

Anne Kang

Candidates: Chak Au, James Wang, Anne Kang,
David Eby, Lyren Chiu, Katrina Chen , George Chow

Thanks to all who attended, especially to Chak Au for being our MC, our other guest speakers and special guests.

And with the nomination, the campaign was under way. Next step: find a campaign office.

Photos by Jeem.  
Copyright 2017 by V-L BC NDP.

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