February 23, 2017

James Wang announces his candidacy!

Thursday, February 23rd and the Oakridge Centre parking lot is fairly quiet at 9:00 in the morning. It's here, in the Peninsula Seafood Restaurant that a special announcement is being made.

Media are setting up. Mable Elmore, MLA for Vancouver-Kensington, greets people at the door, including James Wang.

Leader of the party, and next premier of British Columbia, John Horgan arrives and, along with Anne Kang, candidate for Burnaby-Deer Lake, welcome James.

An impressive gathering takes shape, with media, citizens from Vancouver-Langara, and an impressive head table.

Harry Bains, MLA for Surrey-Newton, George Chow, candidate for Vancouver-Fraserview, James Wang, John Horgan, Anne Kang, and Chak Au, candidate for Richmond South Centre. 

Notable members of the community endorse the candidacy of James Wang. 

James Wang. John Horgan. A winning team for Vancouver-Langara. Because change, real  change is possible.

There is hope for a better BC.

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