November 28, 2016

Meet your Executive: Ellen Ramsay

Ellen Ramsay is a community activist and a member-at-large in the Executive of Vancouver-Langara BC NDP.  She is an avid admirer, and supporter, of her local community centre, public library and neighbourhood house.Why did Ellen become active in the political life of her province?

I am supporting the BCNDP for the May 2017 election because I'm looking forward to an NDP government raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, offering $10 per day childcare, and investing in green infrastructure. 

I think  BC should take the lead in social, economic and environmental issues in this country and I believe the NDP is the party to do this.

If you agree with Ellen, and you'd like to be part of the movement to elect Vancouver-Langara's first New Democrat MLA, join us!

Photo by Ron Richings

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