November 1, 2016

Job posting: Candidate for BC NDP in Vancouver-Langara

Are you our candidate for the May 2017 provincial election?

You'll have to work with this guy.

Would you like to join a progressive team committed to change in our province? It's a team led by the next premier of BC: John Horgan.

We're looking for just the right person to: 
  • listen to people
  • speak with people
  • knock on every door in the riding, and not just once
  • shake thousands of hands
  • drink more coffee than you thought humanly possible
  • remember faces and names ~ birthdays and anniversaries are optional
  • attend meetings and events morning, noon and night
  • smile, laugh and share stories
  • lead, encourage, inspire
Some things are required:
  • honesty and integrity
  • commitment to our community
  • membership in the BC New Democratic Party
  • energy and passion
  • a profound sense of humour

A keen interest in politics is useful ~ but we're more interested in a candidate who cares about people. We're in this to win, yet we know we've never won this riding before. But this time is different. 

The campaign won't be easy, and while there are a bunch of us willing to help, the position of candidate doesn't come with a training manual. 

If you 're interested in making a difference in the lives of people, making things better for all British Columbians, and in representing the people of Vancouver-Langara, contact us! 

Email us:

by Jim Murray

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