November 29, 2016

Defending our coasts ~ where is Christy?

This afternoon the federal government approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline but the Premier is missing in action. She must get off the fence, take a stand and defend our coast.

We will defend our coast. 

Instead of doing the right thing for BC, Christy Clark gave away the decision to the federal government. So what do we get stuck with? A terrible decision that doesn’t benefit British Columbians.

  • It’s too high a cost/too big a risk to environment and economy.  
  • We’re not letting Christy Clark off the hook and neither should you.  
  • We defended our coast and BC’s interests all along.
  • She failed to step up for BC when she had the chance. 
  • She needs to step up now and not bow down to Ottawa. 

Our vision is different: We should be making better choices that build BC for the future.
It’s about investing in good jobs for all in every part of our province – in better transit, in green infrastructure, in renewable energy here in BC.

  • It’s about defending our environment and the economic opportunity and jobs it provides, too. 
  • It’s about respecting First Nations and a better future for all our children.  
  • We can do better than the same old, same old. People here are more important than those with a pipeline to the premier’s office. 

 We want a sustainable economy that works for everyone. Join our movement. It's time for change.

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