July 5, 2016

Forward 2016 ~ Sunday

The final day of Forward 2016 has arrived and a slightly slower start to the day. Politics can be tiring.

First up this day, Michael Gardiner, special advisor to the campaign, and the strategy to winning on May 9th of next year.

Besty Hoover spoke about the need to take the digital campaign to the doorstep. Hoover was the director of Obama's digital organising in 2012 and she is the co-founder of 270 Strategies.

  • 75% of adult internet users are on Facebook
  • Over 40% of adults use social networks to get news
  • Snapshot has 200 million active users sending 400 million snaps per day

And then... the fingers came out and our leader took the stage! 

John Horgan gave an inspired speech, full of humour and honesty, politics and pointed jabs at the BC Liberals and the premier, and the promise to raise the minimum wage to $15. Great stuff and many of us could have stayed all day.

Everything we do now is campaigning. We have to do it with less money than the party in power. We have to do it with energy and passion. We have to win the next election for all the people Christy Clark doesn't represent, which is around 90% of British Columbians.

Forward 2016 was all about gaining the advantage and developing the tools to put that advantage to work in the campaign that's already started. And social media, and the selfie, will play a key part in this election.  As will a platform that matters to people and candidates that make a difference in communities across our province.

It isn't quite this simple of course...

Like. Share. Win. 

By Jim Murray.

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