June 21, 2016

Where in the world is Vancouver-Langara?

So where are we?

Vancouver-Langara is an electoral district located within the City of Vancouver. Within its boundaries are Vancouver landmarks like Oakridge Centre, VanDusen Garden, Queen Elizabeth Park, Langara College and Marpole.

In general terms our northern border is West 33rd Avenue from Granville to Main. Our riding's southern flank is actually the river, from Angus Drive to Fraser. Obviously there are a few jogs in an otherwise compact block.

Vancouver-Langara is a diverse and vibrant community:
  • about 56,000 people live here
  • the area is 14.73 km²
  • 53% of households are families with children under the age of 24
  • 64% of us have a non-English mother tongue 
  • Percentage of us owning our homes compared to those renting: 53/47
  • Slightly more females than males live in the riding: 51/49
  • 16% of us are considered seniors
All of this adds up to a whole lot of doors to knock on in advance of the next provincial election. Want to get involved in electing a New Democrat to represent Vancouver-Langara? Contact us! We're all in this together.

Email us: vancouverlangaranewdemocrats@gmail.com

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