April 6, 2016

A bill to end corporate & union donations


Today, BC New Democrats introduced a bill calling for an end to corporate and union donations in BC politics for a fifth year in a row. For the fifth year in a row the BC Liberals have refused.
Instead, Christy Clark hosts “dinners with the Premier” — at $20,000 a head.
Public outcry is forcing Clark to acknowledge the issue — but she still refuses to address it. We need to turn up the pressure on the BC Liberals.
Yesterday, Elections BC revealed a whopping 60% of the BC Liberals’ funding is coming from corporate interests.
With a select few BC Liberal donors from the last election receiving lucrative government contracts, it’s obvious things need to change now.
This is rotten. It undermines our democracy. It has to stop.
Raj Sihota, Deputy Provincial Director       BC’s New Democrats

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