December 23, 2016

Happy Festivus!

I'm the President of Vancouver-Langara BC NDP, and I've been actively volunteering my time with the riding for over a year. It hasn't been easy. The other side raises more money and gets more media coverage. We struggle. Especially in a constituency that has never elected a New Democrat. Ever.

And then...

Tonight, on the eve before Christmas Eve, and Hanukkah, my colleagues and friends at the BC NDP, posted this meme on our party's Facebook page.

I couldn't help but smile. And laugh. I'm in the right party.

And while we gather around that Festivus pole for the airing of grievances, let's remember the most important poll we face is coming up May 9th. Join us. We're in this thing together. With laughter.

by Jim Murray

December 3, 2016

Meet your Executive: Stefan Nielsen

Stefan Nielsen is a union activist, a concerned citizen and Vice-President of the Vancouver-Langara BC NDP.

His union activism includes:
  • active member of the United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1518
  • shop steward at his workplace and co-chair of its health and safety committee
  • delegate to the Vancouver & District Labour Council
  • delegate to the BC Fed
He joined the BC NDP some years ago, but became more active locally in Vancouver-Langara in 2016. At the AGM he was elected our Vice-President and is active knocking on doors and speaking to people about the BC NDP at every opportunity. 

In Stefan's words: "I was 19 when the BC Liberals first took power, so nearly all my entire adult life has been lived under their government. I've watched as the prosperity my parents enjoyed when they were my age slips further and further out of reach as housing and education have become prohibitively expensive and wages have stagnated. I see friends and co-workers slaving away at work that only serves to keep them in poverty."

"We're long overdue for real, positive, change for working people and I know that only John Horgan and the BC NDP can deliver it in British Columbia. And I want to be a part of it."

Change is coming to BC May 9th, 2017, and Stefan is a part of that change. You can join Stefan and others in your community by joining our movement for social democracy.

November 29, 2016

Defending our coasts ~ where is Christy?

This afternoon the federal government approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline but the Premier is missing in action. She must get off the fence, take a stand and defend our coast.

We will defend our coast. 

Instead of doing the right thing for BC, Christy Clark gave away the decision to the federal government. So what do we get stuck with? A terrible decision that doesn’t benefit British Columbians.

  • It’s too high a cost/too big a risk to environment and economy.  
  • We’re not letting Christy Clark off the hook and neither should you.  
  • We defended our coast and BC’s interests all along.
  • She failed to step up for BC when she had the chance. 
  • She needs to step up now and not bow down to Ottawa. 

Our vision is different: We should be making better choices that build BC for the future.
It’s about investing in good jobs for all in every part of our province – in better transit, in green infrastructure, in renewable energy here in BC.

  • It’s about defending our environment and the economic opportunity and jobs it provides, too. 
  • It’s about respecting First Nations and a better future for all our children.  
  • We can do better than the same old, same old. People here are more important than those with a pipeline to the premier’s office. 

 We want a sustainable economy that works for everyone. Join our movement. It's time for change.

November 28, 2016

Meet your Executive: Ellen Ramsay

Ellen Ramsay is a community activist and a member-at-large in the Executive of Vancouver-Langara BC NDP.  She is an avid admirer, and supporter, of her local community centre, public library and neighbourhood house.Why did Ellen become active in the political life of her province?

I am supporting the BCNDP for the May 2017 election because I'm looking forward to an NDP government raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, offering $10 per day childcare, and investing in green infrastructure. 

I think  BC should take the lead in social, economic and environmental issues in this country and I believe the NDP is the party to do this.

If you agree with Ellen, and you'd like to be part of the movement to elect Vancouver-Langara's first New Democrat MLA, join us!

Photo by Ron Richings

November 24, 2016

Over 500 out to our first rally of the campaign!

Over 500 people crowded into a downtown Vancouver hotel ballroom on Sunday, November 20th. Widely diverse, the gathering featured long-time NDP activists from around the province and first-time attendees too.

Stefan Nielsen

Stefan Nielsen, union activist and Vice-President of the Vancouver-Langara BC NDP riding association was present, as were a number of other members of the Executive from our constituency. CBC and CTV were there as were a number of other journalists. This rally definitely had some buzz.

Spencer Chandra Herbert (MLA for Vancouver-West End) and Anne Kang (candidate for Burnaby-Deer Lake) introduced the afternoon's speakers, including Jinny Sims (candidate for Surrey-Panorama).
Anne Kang & Spencer Chandra Herbert

The amazing Jinny Sims

Jack Travato & Melanie Mark exchange greetings.

Melanie Mark (MLA for Vancouver-Mount Pleasant) was in the front row, as was Jack Travato (candidate for Richmond-Queensborough).

But the reason over 500 of us gathered on a Sunday afternoon was apparent when our leader, John Horgan took the stage amidst much fanfare.  He didn't disappoint.

This is a guy who speaks plainly, honestly and with a sense of humour that isn't phony. John's speech touched on themes that resonated with the crowd.

For over fifteen years people in our province have watched as our government attacked teachers, cut public education, rewarded their rich friends with tax cuts and burdened the rest of us with user fees and tolls. Everything in BC seems to be for sale to the highest bidder, and Christy Clark is looking after the interests of the highest bidder.

Site C, LNG, pipelines and a complete disregard for the environment; it's all out the window with the BC Liberals. Affordability for the vast majority of us is but a dream, whether one rents or buys, travels by car or by transit, goes to school or tries to find meaningful employment. It doesn't need to be this way. We're better than this.

There is a better way.

John is on our side.

Even when he's taking a selfie.

We can make a difference if we work together.

Join us!

Photos by Jeem. 
Words by Jim Murray.

Copyright  2016 
by Vancouver-Langara BC NDP.

November 18, 2016

Better BC Rally ~ Sunday, November 20

                                                                      We can't afford another four years of Christy Clark and her real estate cronies nor her wealthy foreign donors. The meaningless photo ops need to end. 

                                                                                                                     There is a better way.                                                                                                                                              And by working together we can make a difference in the lives of all British Columbians.
Join our movement for social democracy. Come to our Rally for a Better BC ~ Sunday, November 20th ~ 1pm at the Pinnacle Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Tell your friends and neighbours. 

RSVP  by clicking here: Rally for a Better BC November 20th

November 15, 2016

Neighbourhood canvas ~ November 19th

Our movement is growing.

This Saturday a dedicated team will be canvassing neighbourhoods the old-fashioned way ~ by knocking on doors and talking with people. You can join us!

We're meeting at the Starbucks at 49th and Main on Saturday, November 19th at 10:30 a.m. From there we'll be canvassing a neighbourhood or two. It's your chance to meet fellow New Democrats and to begin the work to win this riding!

Interested in joining our movement? 

Please contact us by email:

November 2, 2016

Day of Action this Saturday ~ Join us!

We need a government that invests in public education and, this Saturday, November 5th, we're talking to neighbours about how to solve the crisis in our kids' schools. And you can be a part of this Day of Action.

In Vancouver-Langara New Democrat activists will be meeting at the Oakridge skytrain station at 11:00 and talking to people about education in BC and other issues that concern them. You are welcome to join us! Come meet fellow social democrats, your neighbours, feel the excitement and build momentum for a fairer, more progressive British Columbia.

Join our team and help us collect signatures in your area. Invite your friends! Sign up on this link:

By Jim Murray.

November 1, 2016

Job posting: Candidate for BC NDP in Vancouver-Langara

Are you our candidate for the May 2017 provincial election?

You'll have to work with this guy.

Would you like to join a progressive team committed to change in our province? It's a team led by the next premier of BC: John Horgan.

We're looking for just the right person to: 
  • listen to people
  • speak with people
  • knock on every door in the riding, and not just once
  • shake thousands of hands
  • drink more coffee than you thought humanly possible
  • remember faces and names ~ birthdays and anniversaries are optional
  • attend meetings and events morning, noon and night
  • smile, laugh and share stories
  • lead, encourage, inspire
Some things are required:
  • honesty and integrity
  • commitment to our community
  • membership in the BC New Democratic Party
  • energy and passion
  • a profound sense of humour

A keen interest in politics is useful ~ but we're more interested in a candidate who cares about people. We're in this to win, yet we know we've never won this riding before. But this time is different. 

The campaign won't be easy, and while there are a bunch of us willing to help, the position of candidate doesn't come with a training manual. 

If you 're interested in making a difference in the lives of people, making things better for all British Columbians, and in representing the people of Vancouver-Langara, contact us! 

Email us:

by Jim Murray

October 29, 2016

Day of Action ~ November 5

BC New Democrats are holding a province-wide Day of Action to canvass voters about the state of education in BC on Saturday, November 5th.

All our kids deserve a quality education.

But Christy Clark has different priorities. For years, she’s failed to build schools in growing neighbourhoods and closed schools in others. She’s added new costs, slashed budgets and raised fees. Now she's fired a school board and is blaming others.

On Saturday, November 5th, Vancouver-Langara New Democrats will be canvassing voters at the Oakridge Skytrain station beginning at 11:00 a.m. We'll be asking people to sign our petition. You can join us too! Sign up here: BC NDP Day of Action Vancouver-Langara

It's time to fix the damage done by Christy Clark by ensuring schools have the funding they need, by working with teachers instead of against them, by respecting elected school boards, and supporting kids with special needs.

We can  do this. Together.

by Jim Murray

July 5, 2016

Forward 2016 ~ Sunday

The final day of Forward 2016 has arrived and a slightly slower start to the day. Politics can be tiring.

First up this day, Michael Gardiner, special advisor to the campaign, and the strategy to winning on May 9th of next year.

Besty Hoover spoke about the need to take the digital campaign to the doorstep. Hoover was the director of Obama's digital organising in 2012 and she is the co-founder of 270 Strategies.

  • 75% of adult internet users are on Facebook
  • Over 40% of adults use social networks to get news
  • Snapshot has 200 million active users sending 400 million snaps per day

And then... the fingers came out and our leader took the stage! 

John Horgan gave an inspired speech, full of humour and honesty, politics and pointed jabs at the BC Liberals and the premier, and the promise to raise the minimum wage to $15. Great stuff and many of us could have stayed all day.

Everything we do now is campaigning. We have to do it with less money than the party in power. We have to do it with energy and passion. We have to win the next election for all the people Christy Clark doesn't represent, which is around 90% of British Columbians.

Forward 2016 was all about gaining the advantage and developing the tools to put that advantage to work in the campaign that's already started. And social media, and the selfie, will play a key part in this election.  As will a platform that matters to people and candidates that make a difference in communities across our province.

It isn't quite this simple of course...

Like. Share. Win. 

By Jim Murray.

July 4, 2016

Forward 2016 ~ Saturday

An early morning at the TRU Conference Centre in Kamloops and with coffee in hand people slowly filled the grand hall.

Jodie Wickens, winner of the by-election in Coquitlam-Burke Mountain set the stage for the day's busy agenda.

First up, party president, Craig Keating and his rallying speech to fight and win the coming election.

Interesting panel discussions and workshops on the practicality of campaigning in a digital age highlighted the day. The panel discussion was led by Raj Sahota, Deputy Director of the BC NDP and involved Glen Sanford (BC Director for the federal NDP campaign in 2015), Jagmeet Singh (MPP in Ontario and Deputy Leader of the Ontario NDP), and Jen Hassum (head of New Media at the United Steelworkers). Novel and thought provoking.

Sasha Issenberg, author of The Victory Lab, gave a keynote address on the use of modern campaign tools. Issenberg is a political reporter with work appearing in The Atlantic, The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe. Interesting.

Throughout the day, discussion, debate and laughter filled the breaks.

The day concluded with an outdoor barbecue presented by MoveUp.

And of course: more discussion, debate and laughter!

By Jim Murray.