October 3, 2017

Our 2017 AGM and new Executive

Some of the members attending our AGM

On Saturday, September 30th, members of Vancouver-Langara met for our Annual General Meeting.

Our AGM has grown in attendance every year for the past three years, and this year was no exception.

Brea and Iwona, from Gigi Blin Market Cafe

We gathered at the highly popular, and a neighbourhood institution: Gigi Blin Market Cafe, in the heart of Marpole. They're friendly, highly accommodating and ... the coffee is great!

Jim Murray

Stefan and Exec: Gudrun Langolf

Stefan, posing a serious thought

Member: Frank Teague

Jim Murray presided over the meeting. Reports were provided by Anita Romaniuk, our Treasurer and the recent campaign's Financial Agent, and by Ryan Meech, our erstwhile Data Guy and campaign wonk.
Ryan, pondering seriously

 Ryan provided an in-depth report on what went well, what didn't and   other observations from the recent campaign.

Jim, our WRC rep: Ellen Ramsay, and Ryan

New Secretary: Janet Andrews, and member: Stephen Karr

Jim announced that he was not seeking re-election as President, after several years in the position. He will remain as a member and activist. So.... after a spirited nomination and voting process....

A new Executive was elected, unanimously as it turned out.
  • President: Stefan Nielsen 
  • Vice President: Ryan Meech
  • Secretary: Janet Andrews
  • Treasurer: Anita Romaniuk
  • Women's Rights Committee representative: Ellen Ramsay
  • Members-at-large: Raj Dhir, Jing Kokko, Gudrun Langolf, Jim Murray, and Jody Sekora, 
Member: Bruce Ross and new Exec: Jing Kokko

New Exec members: Jody Sekora and Raj Dhir, and Stefan

Thanks to all who came out for the meeting, and thanks to Gigi Blin for hosting!

We're building a movement to win this riding in the next election. And we can ~ with your help. We're your local social democratic movement. Join us!

Photos by Ron Richings. Text by Jim Murray. 
Copyright 2017 by Vancouver-Langara BC NDP.

August 6, 2017

Pride Parade 2017

Members of Vancouver-Langara volunteered and marched in this year's Vancouver Pride Parade.

Several hundred New Democrats, along with candidates and newly elected MLAs marched with Premier John Horgan.

We marched because social democratic solidarity includes all of us. And because it is fun. And we're proud.

John was not the first BC premier to march in the parade, but he was the first premier to walk the entire route in 16 years!

Photos by Jeem. 
Copyright 2017  by Vancouver-Langara BC NDP. 

June 9, 2017

Balloons at Vaisakhi ~ April 15

Early morning set up

The annual Vaisakhi parade draws over a quarter million people, and we were there!

The finer points ot balloon making

The assembly line

Gudron Langolf, member from Vancouver-Langara

Ten volunteers from Vancouver-Langara joined other New Democrats from around MetroVancouver to hand out helium balloons through the day.

Madeline Lalonde, Vancouver-Quilchena

Madeline Lalonde, candidate for Vancouver-Quilchena, spent much of the afternoon meeting and greeting people.

Kelly Green, Richmond-Steveston

So too, did Kelly Green from Richmond-Steveston.

James Wang, candidate for Vancouver-Langara

And our own James Wang made an appearance too!

Face painting was a popular part of our NDP booth too!

Photos by Jeem. 
Copyright 2017 by V-L BC  NDP.

June 8, 2017

Campaign Office Opening ~ April 8

In the very heart of Vancouver-Langara and at one of the busiest intersections in MetroVancouver, the James Wang Campaign Office opened officially on April 8.

It's on the corner of 41st and Cambie and it boast store front signage on facing both streets.

The office opened with a flurry. Coffee, pastries, cake, and more delighted many members and others who arrived for the special event. It was standing room only!

Host for the opening was Jill Marzetti, one of Canada's best known political activists and campaign managers ~ and also the Campaign Manager to James Wang.

Jill Marzetti

Gordon August

The gathering was honoured to have a special opening blessing offered by Gordon August of the Sechelt Nation.

It was a crowded event and most of the food was gone before our candidate arrived!

Stefan Nielsen introduced
James Wang
Data guy: Ryan Meech
Campaign staffer, Akeena Legall
with long-time member,  Bruce Ross

Member Sherry MacDonald eyes the last piece of cake

Thanks to all who came on this special day and to our riding Executive who made it happen!

Photos by Jeem. 
Copyright 2017 by V-L BC NDP.

James Wang Nomination Meeting ~ March 15

It was a special day for our constituency association: the nomination meeting for James Wang.

The event was held at the Scottish Cultural Centre in downtown Marpole. The centre is an excellent facility and members were impressed by the amenities and the friendly service we experienced.

Members of the Executive arrived early to prepare the coffee and treats, and to set the stage with the traditional orange balloons. Everyone got into the act of blowing up balloons.

David Eby shows James his technique

Signing in

All members of our riding were invited by mail and again by phone to attend. Announcements were also posted on various social media sites. Over 150 people attended, including a large number of friends and colleagues of the candidate from throughout the region.

Media were present, along with a number of Metro Vancouver candidates.

David Eby, James, his mother and his partner Wendy

Stefan Nielsen

Our Vice-President, Stefan Nielsen, made the nomination official. Other speakers included candidates: David Eby, Chak Au, Anne Kang and George Chow.

Anne Kang

Candidates: Chak Au, James Wang, Anne Kang,
David Eby, Lyren Chiu, Katrina Chen , George Chow

Thanks to all who attended, especially to Chak Au for being our MC, our other guest speakers and special guests.

And with the nomination, the campaign was under way. Next step: find a campaign office.

Photos by Jeem.  
Copyright 2017 by V-L BC NDP.